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An introduction to JMP Digitive

Updated: May 1

Meet Josh, the founder of freelance Digital Marketing, Website and Graphic Design service, JMP Digitive!


After working in various roles within Marketing and as a Graphic Designer for over 13 years, I thought the time was right to use these diverse experiences and begin building my own brand as a freelancer. I have produced a wide variety of content over the years, from logos and business cards to other printed collateral like brochures and flyers. This extensive background in Graphic Design forms a solid base when working with a large array of distinctive clients.

Working in Digital Marketing roles has given me the vast experience to know what works. Different industries require different wants and needs. Recognising these differentiations early in the process gives a very positive head start for the client and will help understand how to greatly improve the client's online presence. This is where an aesthetically pleasing, yet user friendly website design comes in. After working on many different websites over the years, this has also given me a good understanding of how a successful website should be run, both in terms of usability and search engine optimised (SEO) content.

I look forward to creating new professional relationships with a variety of clients from all walks of life. If you would like to be one of those clients, please get in touch for graphic design services in Stoke-on-Trent!

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